No more surgical drain tubes!

Today I got the two surgical drains removed.  I had them in just under 2 weeks.  In preparation I took 3 advil and 2 percocets (and had a friend drive me) just to make sure I could survive what was sure to be an excrutiatingly painful experience.  I went, the nurse took off the bandages and told me to breath in deeply, and then exhale slowly.  “Okay the left one’s done, now let’s repeat that and get the right one out.”  I didn’t feel a thing, and I don’t think it had anything to do with all the drugs.  It ended up being a quick and painless procedure.  But it took me all day to recover from the drugs I had taken.  But what a relief!  I am sooo glad to have them out!!!

I’m still wearing a big ace bandage wrapped around my chest everyday.  It’s starting to itch as I’m getting feeling back, and still feels tingly a lot of the time.  Pain medicine doesn’t seem to help that at all, but it’s okay because it’s more uncomfortable than it is painful.  I usually wake up a little stiff, but as the day goes on I feel better.  The lymph node in my right arm is still swollen, so now that the tubes are out, I will work on some things to get that swelling down.  It often makes my whole right arm hurt a little bit, but I’m hoping some stretches will help.  And I’m still trying to set up a lymphatic massage, if I can ever get someone to call me back.

Tomorrow is Braxton’s 4th birthday and I’m so pleased that I am feeling well enough to celebrate with him!


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